Alpha Demo

by Honey Son

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released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Honey Son Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Winnie Cooper
I'm naive and inviting by the time you're a tiger striking me.
I don't sweat, I don't argue I accept you caress me with your teeth.

I am in no way satisfied here.
Commit and consume me,
I'll admit, approve, apprise.

Then I'll see stunning spectral prose.
Track Name: Spotted
Leopard lady
you are everything amazing.
When I'm feeling disconnected
I've got you to keep me sailing.

Though I've been a busy captain, I'm not used to weeks away.
And I don't enjoy departure so I'd rather just stay.
Track Name: Because
Because the world is round,
it turns me on.
Because the world is round.

Because the wind is high,
it blows me mind.
Because the wind is high.

Love is all, love is you.
Love is old, love is new.

Because the sky is blue,
it makes me cry.
Because the sky is blue.
Track Name: Blessed
Honestly I'm blessed.
'Cause my brain
is worth its weight in steel,
but it won't let me feel.

Honestly I'm blessed,
'Cause my brain
is worth its weight in gold,
but it makes me cold.
Track Name: Seasonal
I am your kin
though I am a bastard.
I've been your son all summer,
but whose to say seasons won't change?
When will the snow fall?
Know that the leaves can't remain in their hues.

It bends me to catch me
distresses distracts me
from all these constant things.
Instant to instant
is drastically different
from allI I'd ever seen.
There's a mountain on a mountain with the curing necessaries that you seek.
And a constant invitation when the ticking-tocking-turning leaves you weak.
I've been up around the mountain side.
There ain't no way to keep from coming down.
So rise up.
Years in snow-capped dimensions have
really taken effect on me, enhancing self reflection, see
here in the city the wind when it blows, so far past your shoulders --
where's that wind go? Slow down.
Let it find you.

You're moving too fast.
Track Name: Village Silly
Am I silly?
Is the water safe to drink?
I'm so thirsty.
I'm a thirsty, silly me.

I've got woes, but what are they good for?
Running waters -- I don't need more.

Am I living?
Is the standard safe to be?
Feels like spinning.
I'm a silly, spinning me.

I've got woes, but what are they good for?
Running waters -- I don't need more.
(Think I'd better get out of here.
Gotta find way out of here)

Broken village silly boy,
is it best to close my brain and let me body lead?
Ever wanting village joy --
let the common waters rush and wash all over me.
If I need a bit, I'll a bit for better, or bitter.